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Farmocean started its activities in Sweden in 1985. The technology is sprung out of the oil offshore industry, which at the time was a major industry in Göteborg. Quite a few of the semi-submersibe oilrigs were produced at the ancient shipyard of Götaverken. Chalmers Technical University, Götaverken and SSPA Marine Consulting formed a joint venture company under the name of Farmocean and developed an off-shore system based on the same technology. In order to withstand the enormous forces of wind and waves encountered off-shore, the main floating capacity is placed below the sea surface where the movements is far less than on the surface.
A model of the cage was tested at SSPA and a full scale model of the Farmocean 3500 system was tested and approved by Det Norske Veritas (DNV). The system was developed for the farming of salmon but it turned out that due to the lack of protected sites the success was even larger in the Mediterranean Sea. A number of systems have also been installed in the Atlantic Ocean.
Since the announcement made a few years ago from among others FAO that the wild fish is on the verge of disappearing if fishing goes on like today, the industry has attracted a new type of investors. Now there are larger companies with the financial strength to start industrial fishfarming.
The new vertically integrated companies has the traditional view of investment, i.e. it is not the initial price tag that matters but the price/performance ratio together with stringent risk analysis. This has lead to today that the typical customer of Farmocean is a larger company, co-operative or a company associated with a larger group. For Farmocean this has lead to an increased interest and a boom in sales.
We can today see that concepts once initially presented by Farmocean 15 years ago, today is practised by the industry. Features like semi-submersing the cage and using automated feeding systems is common today in various forms.

Pictures from Göteborg by courtesy of Göteborg & Co