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Farmocean Off-shore fishfarming cages


Offshore aqua culture is expanding rapidly and there is a need for safe operating equipment yielding maximum financial returns m true offshore conditions for both farmers and insurance companies within the industry.

Many years of successful operation and continuous R&D have resulted in a new generation of our semisubmersible offshore system, ideal for commercial as well as research fanning of any species within the field of aqua culture.

The system is based upon our well known, patented steel farm structure and computerised feeding unit. In its normal operating position the waves gently pass through the steel structure not stressing the biomass or the construction itself. This feature is unique to the FARMOCEAN system.

FARMOCEAN Offshore Systems can also be controlled by a new remote control system, which permits the farmer to store computer data and change the computer functions from the land base without having to board the farm.

The idea behind the concept of the FARMOCEAN Offshore System is to decrease operational cost and optimise profit by:

-stable growth of biomass due to daily and computerised feeding.

-no loss of growth due to continuous feeding during days when the farmer stays ashore due to rough sea conditions.

-minimum of manpower necessary to operate the farm.

-few diseases and little fish damages due to offshore location and construction stability and thus net stability.

Composure of Farmocean
2500/3500/4500/6000 m3 cage

Please note that some of the items are not standard equipment.

Farmocean Offshore System Advantages:

  • Semi-submersible patented Offshore type.
  • High capacity feed silo 3,5 tonnes.
  • Computerised integrated feeding system.
  • Temperature sensor, wave sensor, oxygen sensor etc.
  • Heavy duty three point mooring system.
  • Radio control system (RCS) as option.
  • Open sea - clean water conditions.

  • Easy fish handling, boarding and service.
  • Minimum need of personnel.
  • High quality nets.
  • Stable net and volume due to sinker tube.
  • Movable (even with fish in net).
  • Fish transfer tunnel system.
  • Low production cost/kg.
  • Double cathodic anti corrosion system.
  • Proven quality of production.
  • Better on-growth result.

  • Proven low fish mortality.
  • Personnel safety.
  • Environmentally positive.
  • No net change during cycles.
  • Walkways around the system.
  • High capacity interchangeable farming volume (2500, 3500, 4500, 6000 m3.)
  • Concept established 1985 - well proven system.
  • Production capacity: up to 150 tonnes.

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